My name is Anna DeLuca, and I am so excited to introduce Wrap City Gal to the world!

I've been in the hair industry all my life. I found my passion at an early age, and followed my entrepreneurial spirit out to Beverly Hills, California. In a short period of time,

I've always had a creative Italian mindset which led me to design several products, but Wrap City Gal wraps have become my passion. It thrills me to be able to share it with all the women out there!

Through my travels, I've understood and experienced first-hand the necessities of being stylish and trendy.

I started Wrap City Gal as a way to share with you my vision for versatile fashion, and provide more style for your money!

My desire with this line is to design unique lightweight cardigans and accessories that are Multi functional. I created a belt loops collar which I like to call a caged collar, this is what separates me from the rest! As far as cardigans go.............

Its a “Wrap”-like no other! 

The caged collar allows for 6 various ways to create versatile scarf positions and multiple looks!

Reasons to buy my cover wraps: they come with a scarf, more looks less money,climate control coming from the heat into the air-conditioning, light travel bring one cardigan and many scarves and you’ve got so many different outfits!
To hide a few extra pounds,cover up a bathing suit, cover-up skin perfections..

Super soft fabric stretchy adorable...

Fall in love with what touches your body...

Iit’s a “Wrap”- like no other!

Discover the most exciting accessory line today!

Watch the video below to see how many different ways you can wear your Wrap City Gal wraps and accessories!


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